thumbnailThrough partnership with several international vendors, we provide best generator to support your business. The entire product we choose and provide with the best quality and ready to use. We also support the installation and maintenance of the product.

We provide product for the automatic generator set and manual control generator set. Quality control system and product arrangement according your needs, prove that we understand your needs.

thumbnailGenerator Set (Genset)
Central Power Indonesia Is an advanced & Leading Manufacturer of Gasoline & Diesel Generating set in a range of sizes from 10kVA to 2000kVA. This range offers wide choice of product lines that meets the needs of customers in each region of the world. Product Quality, Powerful performance, durability and smooth efficient operation has always been our commitment to our Customers.

We can design, Supply, Install and service all power system components, as well as we make modifications to your existing power systems. We also provided value added services such as Service and Maintenance Contracts and Training.

Central Power Indonesia is equipped with the Technology machinery line which having the CNC Punch press, Cutting and Bending Facilities in the Workshop with all of kinds of sheet metal products. Enclosures are designed by Computer aided technics for minimize noise levels meeting strictest environment and extreme weather conditions. More...

Construction is made of heavy gauge sheet steel with rock wool lining confirming to International Standart and perforated sheet steel on the internal surfaces. Air inlet and outlet Duct are design and built for the highes sound attenuation with the maximum ventilation. Personal acces doors are provided for maintenance and inspection. Doors are fitted with heavy duty type hinges, latches and lockable handles with proper sealing with gaskets to avoid leakage. It is used fully residential type silencers only on the enclosures.

Entire construction is finished with etch primer and several coats of high quality enamel paint to ensure a long Service

Enclosures are also available in dismantle design with modular construction for easily moving any desired location and containerized types for larger capacities of Gensets. [Collapse]

Vibration isolated control panel comprises 3x ammeter and 1 Voltmeter with selector switch, frequency meter, hour-run counter, protection fuses, Key start Control module to adjust and control various parameters with LED status indicators, Suitably rated circuit breaker (MCCB) with thermal and magnetic short-circuit and overload protection for the altenator, engine oil pressure and water temperature gauges, battery condition indicator, emergency stop button, and complete internal wiring to high standards covering terminals, relays, fittings and cables are clearly identified by number or named plates.

thumbnailServices & Maintenance
Central Power Indonesia offers you a wide choice of Service and Maintenance Contracts with Guaranteed response times and Service which is around the Clock and around the Calender. Each program is developed to reflect the needs of Customer and the condition of the equipment. The program can provided some or all of operating and maintenance needs, freeing You to concentrate on your core Bussiness.

thumbnailSpare Parts
Central Power Indonesia is Conscious of how important to supply the Spares on time to optimize your resources and maximize availability of your equipments. That's why Central Power Indonesia has set up a very effective parts service system facilitating the fastes possible delivery of service components and spares as well as the tools.More...

Genuine Spare parts sent by Central Power Indonesia assuring You of Good Quality with High performance parts that are guaranteed to meet the requirement of your generator.

Our Product Support Program is also able to offer you packages tailored to Custom – Tailored Concepts for Stocking Spares.

You can expect Us to repair all failures arising from factory workmanship or Defects in material or arrange for OEM [Collapse]

thumbnailAfter Sales Service
Our after sales service team also provide full support to our Customer Require technical back-up Training, and Continuous part and service supply. Sales and support Engineering team will take part in each step of designing the generation system you require, from analysis of the foundation, through defining each of the controlling units, safety and operational side of the full project. You will work together to personalize the project until full installation is in place.

We offers the numerous training courses at our Workshop in Kranji - Bekasi or even Conduct them at your Plant or Office. Courses are available at different levels from the beginners to Expertise.